ISA Projects

The International School Award (ISA) is a global accreditation scheme recognizing good practice in incorporating international dimension in schools. It is an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum. Since 2012, 267 schools in Nepal have participated in ISA and 84 have won the full award. Eligible schools are accredited for three years which shows outstanding performance in accreditation process.

Projects :

Project 1- Nepalese Students and English language

Project coordinator: Maya Lohani



Project 2- Slow Sand Filtration

Project coordinator: Ganesh Paudel


Project 3- Spining Sticks of the people

Project coordinator: Ajay Chaudhary



Project 4- Save me, i am in danger

Project coordinator: Yadav Neupane



Project 5- What's fault being a daughter

Project coordinator: Sabu Bhattrai

sabitri bhattarai ma social teacher


Project 6- Mushroom farming

Project coordinator: Santosh Bhandari



Project 7- Our School an Eco-friendly School

Project coordinator: Kishor Shrestha



Project 8- Local 20{abbf9bb9ce3f5684e7df622f56a2ba60312b1dec58b7d72b30817e071117f141} Curriculum

Project coordinator: Subash Bidari